Getting the most out of your Email address.

by Trevor Grove, a Member-at-Large on the UWRA Board

The Memorandum of Agreement between the UWRA and the University provides for all retirees to have access to their email account. 

Your email address

Your email address is the same one you had when you worked at Waterloo. For most people, that is something like, called your friendly address. You also have an email address of, where uwuserid (or sometimes username) is your WatIAM identity that you use to log in to most campus systems. Using your friendly address makes it easier for your friends and former colleagues to find you. You can use the Campus People Directory.

You can check the status of your email settings with the WatIAM management website. Once you’re logged in, click the “Manage Email Settings” button.

Note the following:

  1. If you’re not able to log in to the WatIAM site, contact IST for assistance.
  2. The “Mail Routing Address,”, is standard.
  3. The “Friendly Email Address” should already be set up. If it isn’t, or if you want to modify or eliminate the friendly address, email the IST Help Desk at

If you are receiving a UW pension, your email address should be available, regardless of how long it’s been since you used it. To confirm your email address, log in to the WatIAM management website. IST suggests logging in at least once a year to prevent your account from being locked. If you haven’t used your email in a while and it seems locked, contact IST for assistance.

If you are not receiving a pension, and your WatIAM or email address doesn’t seem to exist, contact the IST Help Desk for more information.

Accessing your email

Faculty and staff email is now hosted on Microsoft 365 email services. You can use the web-based Outlook client at or, equivalently,, which redirects to the Microsoft website.

To set up mobile or desktop apps to use Microsoft 365 email, Google “Waterloo Microsoft 365 Mail Configuration Guides” for details.

Forwarding your @uwaterloo email to another email account

Setting up email forwarding involves creating a message-handling rule for Outlook 365.

  1. Log in to Outlook 365 at or
  2. Click the “settings” icon (the “gear wheel”) in the upper right.
  3. Type “rules” in the “Search Outlook Setting” box. A list of choices will appear; click “Inbox rules.”
  4. Click “Add new rule”:
    a. Give the rule a name, e.g., “forward.”

    b. In the “Add a condition” selector, scroll all the way to the bottom of the list and choose “Apply to all messages.”
    c. In the “Add an action” selector, near the bottom of the list, choose “Forward to” and provide the email address to which email should be forwarded. Note that by default, Outlook 365 will attempt to look up the address in your address book: a “Search Directory” button will appear briefly and a list of matching addresses will appear. If the address you want appears, click it. Otherwise, the “Search Directory” button is replaced with a “Use this address ...” button; click the button to select the address you typed.

You may notice that there is also a “Redirect to” action available. The difference between forwarding and redirecting is in the “from” address when the message arrives at its destination. For a forwarding action, the “from” will appear to be your University email (and the subject line will have “FW” prepended). A redirecting action will make the message arrive at the destination as if it came directly from the sender – there will be no indication that the University email system was involved.

    5. Click “Save” at the bottom of the page.

The “Rules” page will re-appear, with your new rule appearing at the top of the list. It will be enabled by default. You can manage the rule from this list (enable/disable, delete, change priority, etc.).

The procedure described here will leave a copy of the message in your Outlook 365 inbox. If you wish, you can add a second action to the rule to delete the message after it is forwarded or redirected.

Your email address and Workday

The University’s HR department relies on the email contact setting in the Workday system. You need to make sure that the setting there is correct so that HR can email you. To check the email setting in your Workday profile:

1. Go to and choose “Self service” at the left.

2. Click the “Log in to Workday” button.

3. Click the “View All Apps” button.

4. Click “Personal Information.”

5. In the “View” box, click “Email Addresses.” A page will show your current email settings. If you want to change the setting, click “Edit.”
There will be two entries for email. The first is the “Primary email”: this will usually be set to your address. You can edit this as required.
If you wish, you can add one or more additional email addresses.

6. Be sure to click “Submit” to save any changes you have made.

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