University of Waterloo Retirees’ Association and University of Waterloo Memorandum of Agreement

On July 13, 2020 the UWRA president Lynn Judge and UW President Feridun Hamdullahpur signed a memorandum of agreement that outlines the official relation ship between the UWRA and the University of Waterloo, making the UWRA the official voice of University of Waterloo retirees.

University of Waterloo Retirees’ Association and University of Waterloo

Memorandum of Agreement

This agreement outlines the official relationship between the University of Waterloo Retirees’ Association (UWRA), which is the official voice for University Retirees and the University of Waterloo, and the relevant responsibilities.

The Board of Directors of the UWRA functions under a constitution and by-laws. The Board includes a number of positions/roles and meets monthly from September to June. The monthly meetings include University representation.

For the purposes of this agreement, a Retiree is defined as a former employee of the University of Waterloo who terminated employment (resigned) for the purpose of retirement.

The University recognizes past and on-going contributions of Retirees to the University community including education, research, fundraising, funding contributions, and volunteering.

The University recognizes Retiree knowledge and experience that may be beneficial to community legacy activities, policy development, and events.

The UWRA Board represents Retirees or nominates Retirees to serve on University committees and working groups.

The University of Waterloo consults with the UWRA on matters related to pension, benefits, privileges, events, communications and fundraising activities, which include Retirees.  Specific areas for consultation and inclusion are:

  • inclusion of Retirees at university events, volunteering opportunities, education opportunities
  • liaising with Human Resources on the definition of Retirees for University policies
  • potential participation on relevant University working groups, committees or events that may impact or interest Retirees, e.g., accessibility, pre-retirement information

The University of Waterloo recognizes the following commitments to the UWRA:

  • support for communications including the designation of a contact person/facilitator to assist in the production and distribution of WATtimes
  • identification of the UWRA in the index of University of Waterloo Offices and Services web site
  • identification of a Retirees category on the Human Resources web site
  • inclusion of UWRA information in retirement information distributed to new Retirees
  • inclusion of Retiree access to a University of Waterloo email address (while within the domain) in the Guidelines on Privileges for Retirees (Notes: 1] staff Retirees’ userid will be at the discretion of the University; 2] services and privileges for professors emeriti are at the discretion of the appropriate department chair and Faculty dean as provided in the Senate-approved conditions relating to professors emeriti.)
  • access to meeting space on campus for UWRA events subject to availability
  • access to parking for Retirees for UWRA events subject to availability
    • reduction of 25% of the normal rate for term permit parking for occasional personal use; lot assignment is subject to availability and at Parking Services’ discretion
  • Retiree representation on the following two University Committees
    • Pension and Benefits Committee (per the committee’s terms of reference as amended by the Board of Governors from time to time)
    • Honorary Member of the University Committee

The UWRA recognizes the following commitment to the University of Waterloo:

  • Representation on the UWRA Board of Directors as the “University Fund Representative”

Retirees undertaking employment and/or research at the University are subject to relevant University of Waterloo Policies, Procedures and Guidelines.

UWRA Memorandum of Agreement with the University of Waterloo (PDF) is avalible for Download