Waterloo RoboHub announced as first beta site for Kinova Robotics MOVO mobile manipulator

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The RoboHub has been announced as the first beta site to receive a Kinova Robotics MOVO mobile manipulator. Our collaboration with Kinova will focus on fundamental research in human-robot interaction (HRI) and collaborative, heterogeneous robot teams.

We are very pleased to see a world-class institution such as the University of Waterloo engage with Kinova as a beta site. We expect to see great things from this collaboration. MOVO is ready to serve humans in any way the University of Waterloo can imagine and our team will be there to help every step of the way.​​

Keith Blanchet - Senior Director, Kinova Innovation Robotics Division

About the MOVO

From the MOVO announcement press release:

“The mobile platform market is fairly busy, but lacked open platforms that would allow for advanced manipulation or meaningful depth and range of creative research capability. With MOVO, Kinova aims to have robotic technology achieve extraordinary tasks in all aspects of our lives, not only the workplace,” says Keith Blanchet, senior director of Kinova’s Innovation division. “Mainstream public acceptance of mobile platforms will only come from further research on the technologies and human factor considerations of such platforms. MOVO provides unparalleled research capability to that end.”

About Kinova

Kinova Robotics is a Canadian company that operates worldwide. We design and manufacture robotic solutions that are simple to use, versatile and, above all, meant to increase human capacity through responsible, respectful uses of technology. Our solutions empower people living with upper-body mobility impairments to have freedom of movement, professionals and universities to drive their research forward, and health-care professionals to provide better outcomes for their patients.