Building smarter, stronger and more reliable autonomous machines is at the core of research conducted in the broad area of robotics at Waterloo Engineering.


Waterloo Engineering has the largest and most active robotics and factory automation research group in Canada.  With over 45 faculty members conducting research, we have a wide breadth of expertise in all areas of advanced robotics, factory automation and complementary fields.

Our vision is to look at robotics in terms of fundamental research and applications from designing robots that deliver coffee, to robots that can defuse land mines or perform surgery. In the realm of factory automation, we explore areas including human-robot interaction, material tracking and full-cycle manufacturing

When RoboHub opens its doors in 2018, we’ll be able to further revolutionize robotics. Located on the first floor of Engineering 7, which is currently under construction, RoboHub will be one of the most technologically sophisticated robotics research testing facilities in North America and around the world. 

The state-of-the-art space will offer a collaborative environment where students, researchers and industry partners can put robots through their paces and analyze performance with a 24-hour camera motion tracking system.

The Waterloo region is well known for its robotics expertise, due in large part to Waterloo Engineering. Just a few kilometres from campus, Aeryon Labs, 2G Robotics, Clearpath Robotics, Avidbots and Intellijoint, all founded by Waterloo Engineering graduates, have earned reputations as global industry leaders.

Professor Steve Waslander shares recent research developments in autonomous vehicle tracking and landing.

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