Labs and centres

Assistive Robotics

We use Machine Learning Techniques, System Identification and Mathematical Models to better understand the neural control of our movements, to design assistive controllers for robotic systems which will assist human subjects in a collaborative manner.

Autonomous Systems Laboratory (ASL)

The ASL develops algorithms and control methods for autonomous systems operating in uncertain environments. Systems include autonomous ground and aerial vehicles, multi-robot systems, autonomous driving, and robots that interact with humans.


Centre for Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (CPAMI)

A centre breaking down barriers to enable multidisciplinary research and development in six areas related to the field of intelligent systems and data analysis.

Laboratory of Computational Intelligence and Automation

A lab conducting advanced research in modular manufacturing and intelligent control, with equipment including a one-of-a-kind modular and reconfigurable robot.

Mechatronic Vehicle Systems Laboratory

A lab tackling numerous challenges related to development of the next generation of electric vehicles that satisfy stringent cost, performance, safety and environmental requirements.

Motion Research Group

A group specializing in the dynamic analysis, model-based control and design optimization of mechanical and biomechanical multibody systems.

Social and Intelligent Robotics Reserach Laboratory (SIRRL)

A research group situated in the fields of social robotics, human-robot interaction,  cognitive and developmental robotics and Embodied Artificial Intelligence. 

Waterloo RoboHub

The RoboHub is a state-of-the-art robotics research, testing, and training facility at the heart of the new Engineering 7 building at the University of Waterloo. Surrounded on three sides by floor to ceiling windows looking out on gathering spaces on the building's first two floors, the RoboHub offers a showcase of active robotics research for visiting scholars, industry partners and students alike.

Waterloo Autonomous Vehicles Laboratory (WAVE)

Robotics research and development focused on aerial vehicles using vision-based navigation, plus perception, planning and control for assisted and autonomous driving.