Successful C-Suite Executive Fireside Chat Hosted by WatSolve Consulting Group

WatSolve’s Fireside Chat with IGM Financial’s Chief Operating Officer, Mike Dibden, was a great success! Although it was a virtual event, attendance was not by any means low! WatSolve was proud to host this event on a platform all Science and Business students could attend. Attendees showed a great deal of enthusiasm and had their questions answered by Mike.

While being a great storyteller, the level of expertise and intellectual capital he brought to the table was remarkable.

The world of consulting - how WatSolve gives students management consulting experience

Science and Business students gain skills in both scientific research and business analysis. Unique courses and remarkable career opportunities set a solid foundation for professional development. 

For students looking to explore both scientific and business fields, consulting is a great career path to consider! It involves providing clients with guidance in various business areas. This is ideal for students who want to consider their options before delving into a program specialization.

How to Get Your Group Working Remotely

How to Get Your Group Working Remotely

Over the past year, we’ve watched our lives completely transform into the virtual world. For most of us, moving everything online was quite difficult to adjust to, but it’s important to remember that there are a ton of resources that are provided to you by the Science and Business program, the University, and our community that can help you ease the transition to online.

How to jump through the continuous round

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