From animals to robots: a science student’s co-op journey

Esha Awan (she/her), shares her co-op experience as a fourth-year Science student, working in a variety of industries — from pharmaceuticals to robotics— in addition to her passion for veterinary sciences.

Science and Business students win the 2021 BBFF Challenge

The 2021 Building Better Financial Futures Challenge was first introduced to the students of Professor Igboeli’s Management of Business Organizations course (SCBUS 122) as an opportunity to earn bonus points towards their overall course mark. One year later, four Science and Business students reflect on their successful challenge submissions, the experience, and the rewarding feeling that comes with representing our program on a federal scale.

My Journey Through Science and Business

As a first-year student, I viewed Science and Business (SCBUS) workshops as nothing more than a series of program-specific courses that I had to take every year. Why not? Accounting and Financial Management (AFM) students take AFM courses, Applied Mathematics (AMATH) students experience AMATH courses, biology students spend 3-6 hour in labs every week, and SCBUS students get their SCBUS workshops.
About three quarters of the way into my final workshop of the program, I realized the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 

Advice for your internship


For the past four years, I've been a student at the University of Waterloo studying in the Science and Business co-op program, specializing in Biochemistry. Being from B.C., one of the reasons why I chose to fly across the country to attend Waterloo was because of the co-op program.

University of Waterloo’s Fusion Conference 2021

On November 13, Abigail Leu, Jake Goodman, Jared Richstone, and Shaylon Godse placed first overall at the 17th annual Fusion Conference, hosted by University of Waterloo. The Fusion Conference, operating since 2004, merges knowledge from science, business, and technology fields through a unique theme each year. Graduate and undergraduate students from around the world were encouraged to compete for a prize pool of $6,000.  

My Fusion Journey

Every student goes to university with a purpose. For me, attending university means that I can form connections and develop new skills that ultimately help me make a positive impact on the world. When I was a first-year student in 2019, I was in search for an extra-curricular activity that would help me take a step towards achieving this goal. In November 2019, I saw that executive applications for the 2020 Fusion team were open and I was intrigued to apply, after which I was invited for an interview and was ultimately offered the External Relations Executive position.

Students Guide to the University of Waterloo startup ecosystem

Hello, I’m Jonny, a final year student studying in the Science and Business co-op program at the University of Waterloo. I am specializing in Biochemistry and doing a minor in Economics. I used all my co-ops to explore industries from finance, to consulting, to renewable energy and venture capital. Along the way, I found my passion for working with startups and being in VC. After finishing up an internship this summer at Esplanade Ventures, a HealthTech focused VC in Canada, I moved down to Silicon Valley.

Bringing Lynk Global to the Middle Eastern market

Souhail Aboulhoda, a third-year international student in Honours Science and Business, shares his various co-op experiences and says that co-op has taught him to become more patient! 

Successful C-Suite Executive Fireside Chat Hosted by WatSolve Consulting Group

WatSolve’s Fireside Chat with IGM Financial’s Chief Operating Officer, Mike Dibden, was a great success! Although it was a virtual event, attendance was not by any means low! WatSolve was proud to host this event on a platform all Science and Business students could attend. Attendees showed a great deal of enthusiasm and had their questions answered by Mike.

While being a great storyteller, the level of expertise and intellectual capital he brought to the table was remarkable.

The world of consulting - how WatSolve gives students management consulting experience

Science and Business students gain skills in both scientific research and business analysis. Unique courses and remarkable career opportunities set a solid foundation for professional development. 

For students looking to explore both scientific and business fields, consulting is a great career path to consider! It involves providing clients with guidance in various business areas. This is ideal for students who want to consider their options before delving into a program specialization.