Science & Business Students' Association

Science and Business Students' Association

The Science and Business Students' Association (SBSA) brings together students enrolled in Science and Business (Unspecialized, Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, and Biotech/CPA) to create a close-knit community in which students can socialize and find opportunities for personal and professional growth!

Whether in person or virtually, our team strives to uphold our key values of inclusivity, collaboration and commitment in order to best serve the incredibly diverse SCBUS community. Past events include: Wings with Kashif, Kahoot Game Nights, Midterm Breakfasts and Mental Health Week, as well as workout and intramural sessions with our students!

As we migrate to increased in-person activity, our team is excited to continue developing spaces for our SciBesties to build long-lasting connections, engage in growth and learning and also find their balance between academics and social activity.  

Connect With Us

Step into a world of exciting social connections with the Science and Business Student Association (SBSA). We're not just about textbooks and lectures – join us to experience a dynamic range of social activities designed to bring science and business enthusiasts together. From fun-filled mixers to adventurous outings, SBSA is your gateway to forming lasting friendships and unforgettable memories. Connect, unwind, and thrive with SBSA's lively social community!

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