Opportunities for our Students

Welcome to the Opportunities Page for Science and Business Students

This platform connects you with a variety of extracurricular activities, internships, research projects, workshops, and networking events to enhance your academic and professional journey.

Why Get Involved?

Enhance Your Career Prospects: Gain practical experience and build a professional network through internships, research projects, and leadership roles.

Foster Personal Growth: Discover new interests, develop essential soft skills, and cultivate a sense of curiosity and lifelong learning.

Boost Your Mental Health: Balance academic stress with enjoyable activities that promote happiness, resilience, and a sense of accomplishment.

Promote a Balanced Student Life: Strike a healthy balance between studies and personal interests, creating a fulfilling and enjoyable university experience.

Explore the Opportunities page and take advantage of the experiences that await you. Get involved to enrich your university life and pave the way for a successful and balanced future.

Science and Business Student Group Activities

Here's your chance to get involved and gain valuable career experience at the same time!

  • Science and Business Student’s Association (SBSA): The Science and Business Students' Association brings together students enrolled in Science and Business, Biotechnology and Economics, and Biotechnology and Chartered Accountancy to create a close-knit community in which students can socialize and find opportunities for personal and professional growth!
  • Fusion Conference: The conference is organized by students from the Science and Business program, but undergraduate students from around the world are welcome and encouraged to attend. The Fusion Conference prepares delegates for leadership roles by equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills in our rapidly changing world.
  • Science and Business Ambassador Team (SBAT): The Science and Business Ambassador Team is a student-run organization that is dedicated to supporting Science and Business students through the provision of information, resources, and mentorship. SBAT executives, mentors and mentees come from all Science and Business programs (Science & Business and Biotechnology/Chartered Accountancy) and are composed of students from various years of undergraduate study. 
  • Founders' Circle: This mentorship program aims to connect Science and Business students and alumni who are founders of their own businesses (e.g., start-ups, pro-bono consulting). Students can connect with each other and learn more about founding their own start-up or joining a team early in the business life cycle.
  • myBusiness: A student career and personal development program, myBusiness provides one on one mentorship that helps students create a roadmap and an evolving guiding compass at their own pace. At the end of the exercise students develop a personalized career management plan, where there is time made for conversations on real life scenarios in relation to the content.

Teaching Assistant (TA) Applications


Velocity On-Campus Spaces - Science, Digital, and Central

Science - Run out of ESC 232. This is a lab space for chemistry and biology related venture projects

Digital - Run out of SCH 228. Access to monitors, hardware, tools, etc + Tea/Coffee!

Central - Run out of MC 2037. Workspace with desks, couches, and whiteboards.

Student Success Office Opportunities

Science Student Ambassador

Science Student Ambassador Program

Share your Warrior pride with thousands of future students and their families by being a student ambassador.

Each year the Visitors Centre hires students who

  • are enthusiastic, energetic, and relate well to future students and their parents;
  • think Waterloo is an amazing school;
  • have excellent public speaking abilities; and
  • have been involved in student-related activities at Waterloo.

What do student ambassadors do?

  • Provide virtual and in-person campus tours to future students.
  • Work at events such as Fall and March Break Open House, the Ontario Universities' Fair, and You @ Waterloo Day

Waterloo Undegraduate Student Association (WUSA)

About WUSA

Your Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA) is the official voice and legal representative of undergrad students at UWaterloo.

The not-for-profit, student-led advocacy organization has provided undergrads with the services and support they need to reach their academic goals and make the most of their Waterloo experience.

Click on the link to learn more about WUSA!

Science Society

The Science Society (SciSoc) is the Faculty of Science student government and operates as a volunteer-based student society to support you during your time at the University of Waterloo. As an undergraduate Science student, you are automatically a member! Other Waterloo undergraduate students are welcome to join SciSoc as a social member by paying the termly society fee.

Engineering Science Quest (ESQ)

Engineering Science Quest (ESQ) was formed in the fall of 1990 when two Waterloo undergraduate students saw a similar program at another Canadian university. Taking what they saw to Waterloo, they ran their first camps for grades 5 and 6 students in 1991, and reached 200 students.

Since then, ESQ has grown to be recognized as a leader in Science and Engineering camps in Canada and now offers multiple summer camps for children entering grades 2 to 9.  In addition to summer programs ESQ offers year-round programming including March Break camps, After School programming, in-school workshops, special events and community programming. Annually ESQ is able to reach over 10,000 children and youth.

Click on this link for to volunteer for Engineer Outreach!