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The Science and Business Experience

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One study estimates that Canadians will work an average of 15 jobs during their career.[1] As changing career opportunities become the new norm, you need a degree that works as hard as you do and gives you the ultimate in scope and flexibility.

At Waterloo, your Science and Business education will expose you to both business and natural science concepts, but you will ALSO develop a powerful set of versatile, transferable, and flexible skills that will grow and evolve with you.

What does a day in the life of a science and business student look like?

On campus

With our diverse course offerings, you can explore different subjects or focus on your favourites to build a plan that fits your future. On any given day, you will likely:

  • Attend lectures led by award-winning faculty members, specialists, and experts in their fields where you'll learn first the fundamentals and then progress to cutting-edge concepts.
  • Participate in business workshops and case studies specially selected to build your research, analytical and presentation abilities. Learn the principles behind business valuation, hone your teamwork skills, learn to think critically, and get creative to solve problems!
  • Get your hands dirty in the labs at the Science Teaching Complex (STC). STC is home to the Science and Business Students room, where you can drop in for a quick lunch or a latte break and catch up with your friends to compare notes before your next class.
  • Master the process of applying and interviewing for jobs at the largest post-secondary co-op program in the world. Dedicated co-op advisors and SciBus peer mentors Ambassador Team (SBAT) support you and provide career guidance and help with the logistics every step of the way.

On a co-operative work term

Get practical and unique work experience. With placements available around the world at blue-chip companies, small start-ups and prestigious research institutes, you will:

  • Be a valued member of a team; learning on the job, getting hands-on experience, and applying your in-class knowledge in the real world.
  • Bring fresh ideas to the table - many businesses have been doing things the same way for years. Take the opportunity to help them move ahead by bringing new ideas.
  • Build strong contacts and a large professional network. The employers and colleagues you meet at job placements are often future mentors, collaborators, or advisors.
  • Receive the support you need to be successful, wherever you are. Take online courses for professional development during your work terms, e-mail on-campus contacts for guidance, and attend informal meet-ups with other students working near you.

Unparalleled support

You can't go it alone, and in Science and Business you won’t have to. You can always talk to those who have been there. Student associations, ambassadors, and mentors are all available to give you that extra boost.

  • Science and Business Student Association (SBSA)
    Get out and get to know your fellow Scibesties at term events, socials and workshops planned by SBSA.
  • Science and Business Ambassador Team (SBAT)
    Got questions? Not sure exactly how to do it? SBAT can help. Over 15 Science and Business student ambassadors are available to provide peer mentorship, guidance on academics, campus life and co-op placements.
  • WatSolve
    ​Sharpen up your project management and problem solving skills! Join with 25 other Scibesties and consult on business problems for real clients of WatSolve
  • Science Innovation Hub
    Building a science startup takes more than just a good idea. The Science Innovation Hub is a unique, student-centric experiential opportunity, offering access to equipped lab space, a dedicated community of technical and business advisors, and collaborative connections with entrepreneurship centres across campus that support you in your growth, creations, and innovation. 

International student experience

Waterloo offers a friendly and welcoming home to students from all over the world! Science students share their passion for learning in an inclusive and uniquely Canadian environment that appreciates everyone's cultural contribution:

Challenge yourself

When you're surrounded by the best, you're challenged to be your best – and use your unique blend of talents, abilities, and intellect to excel.

  • The Waterloo Science Co-op Student of the Year has been from Science and Business 6 out of 15 years
    • 2015 - Vinita Dhir (Science and Business)
    • 2014 - Laura Sevick (Biotechnology/Economics)
    • 2012 - Diljot Chhina (Biotechnology/Economics)
    • 2007 - Kate Gardiner (Science and Business)
    • 2006 - Kathryn Dorman (Science and Business)
    • 2005 - Tasneem Nakhooda (Science and Business)
  • The Waterloo Faculty of Science Valedictorian was from the Science and Business for past five years consecutively:
    • 2019 - Muzammil Taj, graduate of the Science and Business program with a Honours Biotechnology Specialization.
    • 2018 - Richard Nguyen, graduate of the Science and Business program with Honours Science and Business degree and a minor in Psychology.
    • 2017 - Allison Jewell, graduate of the Science and Business program with a Honours Biology Specialization.
    • 2016 - Mugwe Kiragu, graduate of the Biotechnology and Economics program.
    • 2015 - Nicollette Zaptses, graduate of the Honours Co-op Science and Business program.
  • In 2018, 3B Science and business student Manav Kainth won $1000 funding from the St Paul's GreenHouse social innovation incubator for the People's Choice Award for a mental wellness initiative. 
  • In 2018, the Watsolve Case Team placed first and received $1000 in the Fusion Conference case competition themed "Blueprint to the Future". 
  • At the 2017 Hult Prize regional competition in London, UK, Team Epoch that including Science and Business student Lisa Tran, placed in the top 6 of 300 teams at the event and moved on to the final competition in September 2017 in New York.
  • At the 2016 CFA Institute Research Challenge, the Waterloo team, including Biotechnology and CFA student Daniel Zhang, won gold over teams from the US, the Philippines, and Italy.
  • The 2016 National James Dyson Award Winner was Harry Ghandi, founder of medical start-up Medella Health and graduate of the Biotechnology and Economics program.
  • At the CPA Ontario Case Competition in November 2016, the Waterloo team including Isabel Zhu, Biotechnology-CPA student placed first out of 20 teams.
  • At the 2015 World Mining Competition, the Waterloo team, including Science and Business student Jocelyn Campbell, placed 2nd overall at the event.

With your dedication and hard work, and support from the Waterloo community, you can do just about anything. You can make history before you even graduate!

Where will Science and Business take you?

The real question is, where do you want to go? Science and Business specializations prepare you to enter the workforce, start your own company, or enrol in postgraduate studies. Most importantly, you will cultivate soft skills that will make you a respected asset throughout your whole working career. These include:

  • Public speaking
  • Time management
  • Project management
  • Critical thinking
  • Leadership experience
  • Creativity and innovation experience
  • Problem solving
  • Decision making
  • Teamwork
  • Data gathering & handling

A Waterloo Science and Business degree expands your opportunities. It gives you the foundation you need to do great things in your life. Make your mark on the world. Be prepared for anything the future can throw at you. Graduate with an education that will stand the test of time and allow you to rise to the challenges ahead!