Winter TA Application Form

Our Teaching Assistants are an integral part of the Science and Business Workshop experience, as we work together to shape the future leaders of our program through workshop participation, assessments, case studies, and presentations.

Teaching Assistants act as both a peer mentor for the enrolled students of the workshop, as well as support for the course instructor to ensure maximum value is provided to all stakeholders of the program. As a Teaching Assistant, you will be responsible for working with the course instructor to mark assessments, answer student questions and inquiries, and deliver content to the Science and Business students enrolled in your workshop of choice. You will additionally work out scheduling and tasks with the workshop instructor and will report directly to them.

The ideal candidate will hold the following characteristics: Support and enthusiasm for the program, the ability to interact and motivate people, an innovative self-starting nature and have a strong academic record.

This position and opportunity allow the candidate to gain experience in presentation skills, communication and problem solving. The interested candidate will be a team player who can work independently.

If you are interested in being a Teaching Assistant of the Science and Business department in the Winter term, please fill out the following form: