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Interested in gaining real experience solving real-world problems faced by science and technology-based firms?

Bring your creativity and critical thinking to WatSolve to work on client projects in your area of interest, helping science and tech-based organizations become more effective, efficient and resilient! Not only do you provide practical, innovative and lasting solutions to a variety of clients, you also play a significant role in building the foundations of the WatSolve organization through internal projects within our six departments.

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What’s in it for you?

As a WatSolver, you can:

  • Learn real world skills through analyzing and solving predominant company challenges.
  • Receive mentorship from ambitious students and professors in a problem-solving environment.
  • Build your business network by working closely with executives of STEM organizations.
  • Work on problems that interest you and align with your schedule.
  • Discover and pursue your interests through working with diverse companies in different industries.
  • Collaborate with our dynamic community in the UW entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Make a real impact by implementing your solutions to real-world challenges.

What are WatSolvers saying?

“Since taking over the coordinator position, I’ve learned how to manage and align the interests of various stakeholders, and how to effectively manage a team in a fast-growing organization, as we work towards creating a business built to last!” - Michelle Liu, 4B Science and Business, WatSolve Coordinator

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“Working on a client project team, my team members and I were able to merge our experiences to develop originative business solutions. I was able to learn a lot from my team members and I know these skills will be useful in future endeavours - whether that be co-op interviews or jobs, or even post-grad!” - Maya Pintar, 3B Science & Business, Human Relations Team Member


“Learning the key skills to be a successful consultant has been the biggest reward, and in my time, I have had the opportunity to assist a SaaS company explore new markets and opportunities, before ultimately being acquired. Working internally has give me the opportunity to help define the future of the organization and strategic direction in which we operate.”- Sahil Luthra, 4B Science and Business, Strategy Team Lead

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three WatSolve team members 

“As a new member of WatSolve, I joined to gain experience working with science and technology-based businesses through real-life application. With many diverse roles, WatSolve is perfect for proactive students looking for mentorship. Overall, seeing our work help clients is the most rewarding part!” - Monika Molka, 1B Science and Business, Marketing Team Member


“Managing a diverse portfolio of clients and projects while leading a team of 25+ people for three terms helped further develop my leadership, communication and project management skills. I was able to manage client relationships and deliver data-driven solutions & insights that resolved client challenges.” - Amir Alinaghian, Alumni Coordinator, UW Science and Business Graduate

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“WatSolve provides students the opportunity to learn management consulting skills while delivering practical and innovative business solutions to science and tech-based companies.  Success of the group is based on the hard work and creativity of members, diversity of clients, support of the Science and Business Program and the University of Waterloo, and collaboration with strategic partners- Velocity and Problem Lab. I have no doubt that WatSolve will continue to thrive and deliver innovative and unique business solutions to clients, and excellent learning opportunity for students in the years ahead.” - Okey Igboeli, WatSolve Founder and Lecturer, Science and Business Program


Our client portfolio

Since our initial operations in September 2017, we have built a unique mix of client relationships and consulting services provided. For confidentiality purposes, client names have been removed from the list below.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about WatSolve, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at watsolve@uwaterloo.ca.

To apply to be a Watsolve team member, visit our WatSolve Application page.

Want to keep up to date with the WatSolve team? Connect with us on LinkedIn  and Facebook for our latest news, events and general updates!

“Real problems, Real experience, Real solutions.”