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WatSolve’s Transition to Virtual Consulting

Covid-19 has been challenging for everyone, but that hasn’t stopped us from helping our clients continue to build their businesses. To continue our services, WatSolve has moved all operations to be fully virtual. So, what’s new? All client meetings have been moved onto MS Teams and document signing is conducted electronically. Our senior consultants will schedule regular meeting times that work best with you to keep you informed about your project status.

Our Services

Tailored solutions you need to solve your business challenge, allowing you to focus on your core business operations.

With our diverse areas of expertise and access to one of the leading entrepreneurial ecosystems in Waterloo, we provide you with customized and impactful solutions for your business needs. We collaborate with you to perform in-depth analyses of your business challenges, design practical and innovative solutions, and evaluate an implementation plan for the adopted strategy.

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Why WatSolve?

As a pro-bono consultancy firm, we can provide:

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Tailored solutions that are built specifically for your business challenges

Highly valuable
insights and impactful solutions without the cost


Access to expertise, knowledge, and experience of the entrepreneurial ecosystem

Time savings provided by our business support so you can focus on your core business activities

Our Client Experience

Since our inception in September 2017, we have built strong relationships with clients of many industries and developed impeccable consulting services, listed below. For confidentiality purposes, client names have been removed.

Types of clients we have worked with

  • Automotive Franchise
  • Cryptocurrency Management Firm
  • Student Design Team
  • Education and Gaming Company
  • Educational Institution
  • Energy Start-up
  • Enterprise Software Company
  • Food & Logistics Company
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Start-up
  •  Science and Technology
  • Concept Science Partnership
  • Non-profit organizations

Consulting services provided

  • Acquisition Proposal
  • Brand Identity
  • Business Proposal for a $500K Investment
  • Channel Analyses
  • Competitor and Industry Analyses
  • Financial Audit
  • Funding/Financing Strategy
  • Lead Generation
  • Market and Customer Research
  • Marketing and Social Media Strategy
  • Organizational Design and Recruitment Strategy
  • Regulatory Analysis (FDA, EMA, GMP, ISO, CE Marking)
  • Revenue Strategy
  • Strategic Business Plan Development

Interested in collaborating with us? Please complete our confidential Client Contact Form to share some insight into your organization’s current operations and we will contact you shortly.

“Providing practical, innovative and lasting solutions to science and technology-based businesses.”

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