What is Science and Business?

  • A paradigm shift: Your specialty doesn't have to be limited to one area. Waterloo offers 2 plans under the Science and Business program (Science and Business, and Biotechnology/CPA) that combine practical, comprehensive business skills with domain expertise in the sciences, get the in-depth study of both.
  • A challenge to think differently: See science and business as two connected concepts, with graduates (you!) that bridge the gap—in knowledge, communication and capability—between the two fields.
  • A jumpstart for your career: An impressive Bachelor of Science degree that's so much more than just science.

From tech start-ups to medical diagnostic firms, organizations need work-ready professionals that have expertise in multiple fields. Go from explaining the science behind a new product to presenting the commercial launch!

2 plans of study that help you reach your goals

  • Science and Business
    Choose your specialization from 3 possible scientific disciplines, or stay unspecialized and choose the courses you'll need, to prime you for the future you want. Use electives to personalize your degree and you'll graduate as an expert in a field of science you're passionate about, with a versatile set of business skills. You'll be an asset right away, on any project. You can also include cooperative work experience in your study, with all the benefits that brings. Not only will you be an authority in your subject area, but you'll also be a triple threat with your scientific expertise, business skills and experiential learning!
  • Biotechnology and Chartered Professional Accountancy
    Graduate with an elite, cutting edge science degree and the tools to address the heart of business. Be ready to take on the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) or the Master of Accounting (MAcc) degree. Build your future with this unique program (the only one in the country) offering accounting, biotechnology and co-operative work placements and gain practical work experience that will set you apart.


Embarking on a career in consulting demands a unique set of skills, and mastering the art of case interviews is a pivotal step in that journey. Recently, the team at WatSolve Consulting Group had the privilege of delving into the complexities of casing, guided by the experienced hand of Sylvia, a seasoned professional at KPMG. In this article, we will unravel the intricacies of the casing workshop, exploring valuable insights, key takeaways, and the perspective of a consultant who navigates the challenging terrain of consulting daily. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Welcome to the University of Waterloo

Welcome back to the Science and Business Program at the University of Waterloo! Our unique program seamlessly blends scientific knowledge with business acumen. As you return, expect captivating courses, collaborative projects, and networking opportunities. Dive into scientific inquiry, develop entrepreneurial skills, and forge lifelong connections within a diverse community. This year promises exciting challenges and real-world projects, whether exploring biotechnology or financial markets. Keep an eye on our calendar for enriching events and workshops, and stay connected via our social media channels. Remember, your potential is limitless, and the knowledge gained here will propel you toward a future filled with opportunities. Welcome back to an incredible year!