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Are you looking for a university that you can call home for the next several years? And new friends to share the university experience? At the University of Waterloo, diversity is our middle name and Science and Business does this up right!  

We are a tight program. Because Scibesties do so many team assignments right from 1A, it is easy to make friends and be part of a supportive community. You can always tell the Science and Business students in other classes because they are making contact as soon as group projects are announced! As well, our close-knit program has opportunities for personal student mentors, guided professional development, a club hang-out room and great social events.  

At Waterloo, you will be immersed in a diverse range of cultures and communities. If you are an international or out-of-province student, you will find a home and friends in the Science and Business community and  get to learn about new cultures and people. This eventually turns into professional networking because we retain a close rapport with our graduating students and alums on our Facebook pages and at our yearly Alumni Social.

Some specialty aspects that will make you feel at home include…..

Our East Asian Culture

Waterloo is a region rich in East Asian culture and there are lots of local East Asian businesses and restaurants close to the campus that you can enjoy. Nearby plazas and squares offer many familiar and authentic dishes such as bubble-teas and traditional desserts. You can meet new friends there, relax and gradually ease into Canadian culture. Click here to get more information about nearby restaurants and stores. 

As well, many clubs on campus promote East Asian cultures. For instance the UW Chinese, Filipino and Korean Student Associations are very active. These cultural clubs are platforms where various East Asian student communities hang out and connect. Feds (our student association) has more information here.

Our Relationship with China 

The Faculty of  Science has many educational agreements with universities in the People’s Republic of China. Within Science and Business, we participate in this as well!  Our 2+2 Earth Science (Regular) specialization is closely affiliated with the China University of Geosciences (CUGB). This small but mighty program provides an excellent opportunity for you to enter Waterloo, join the Science and Business program and make some new friends. Here you will experience a North American education first-hand and get a glimpse into Western business practices and build a great professional career.

This 2+2 program has lots of chances for you to make friends with other students in the Science and Business and Earth Science programs. You will go on field trips around Ontario and participate in group activities that gives you specialized knowledge, improves your English and helps you make life-long friends. More than half of the Science and Business program’s international students are from China, so you will join a large and supportive community which will help you thrive and grow.

Other Cultures

Besides students from China, the Science and Business attracts international students from all over Canada and the world. Waterloo has many clubs that can help connect you to people from different cultural communities. Perhaps the Afghan Student Association, the African Students Association or the Indian Cultural Association will be right for you. More information about the variety of cultural clubs can be found here.

But... won't I feel alone?

Our campus and community is diverse and inclusive! You will be surrounded by other students from all over the world, coming together to share their educational experiences. 


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Science and Business facts

  • Programs under the Sci/Bus umbrella: Sci/Bus (Co-op & Regular) Non-Specialized, Biology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Physics, Hydrogeology, Environmental Sciences; Biotechnology / Economics; Biotechnology/ Chartered Accountancy
  • Year Science and Business program started: September 1996
  • Program director: Jean Richardson
  • Current Advisor: Kashif Memon
  • Student body: Science and Business Students' Association (SBSA)