“myBusiness” Student Career and Personal Development Program

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What is myBusiness?

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myBusiness provides one on one mentorship that will help create a roadmap and an evolving guiding compass that helps each student develop their Personal and Professional Career Learning Life Contract.  

Do you want to assess your personal qualities, professional development, strengths, skills, opportunities, and values using assessment methodologies to define your strategic advantage in the marketplace?

Why myBusiness?

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myBusiness goes beyond traditional career discussions. It does not involve extra work nor is it a graded exercise for the student. Each student is mentored individually at their own pace. At the end of the exercise students develop a personalized career management plan, where there is time made for conversations on real life scenarios in relation to the content.

myBusiness kicks off by encouraging students to reflect on themselves (YOU!) their current situation and identify themselves (the WHAT!) with respect to their personal work experience, education/training, skill development, abilities, technical knowledge, and personal characteristics. Students are asked to assess their WHY (Greater Calling in Life!) and the HOW (Develop and Act on Career Action Plans!). This would help in undertaking an initial analysis of student personality. The overall personality of the student is then placed within the three variables of (i) opportunity, (ii) resources, and (iii) team training. The students are then challenged on undertaking a self-critique based on the fits and gaps identified via the Chaos Theory of Careers – CTC (Bright & Prior, 2012).

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What will be the outcomes of myBusiness for you?

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To prepare our students for their coop experiences and create planning windows of 3-5 years that will involve a broader set of career guidelines and life purpose. During the process, each student is given checkpoints (modules) via unique one-on-one feedback, that manages goal achievement, and the progress is reported to the myBusiness coach. Your joining of myBusiness will establish the basis of acting toward achieving your goals, increase your level of engagement, provide a platform to share and gain life perspectives, acquire deeper level of learning, and build personal awareness.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to challenge yourself to achieve your academic, personal, and professional goals and are interested to know more about myBusiness? Then contact Dr. Kashif Memon, and begin the exciting journey of myBusiness by filling the following form: