Science and Business

Combining two distinct and respected disciplines into one unique program.

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Best of all worlds.

Incorporate courses in science with expertise in business topics such as marketing, economics, accounting, and law.

Industry is moving fast, and so we need business leaders who can keep pace with new technologies and make quick decisions with certainty. Through this unique and highly flexible program, you'll be prepared, experienced, and self-assured with the talent set in scientific and business-oriented organization.

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This major is available in the co-op and regular stream of study


You can choose a specialization and focus your degree in one area to suit your career aspirations.


Specialize your degree by studying the chemical processes in living organisms, and develop a foundation in chemistry to better understand and monitor biological systems throughout your career.


Dive into the study of living organisms, exploring all aspects of life. From the laboratory to management, you are well equipped for the future.


Focus on the development of products or processes that use biological systems for a specific applied use — popular examples being personalized medicine, synthetic insulin, biofuels, and bioremediation.


Keep your options open by staying within the unspecialized stream. Remain flexible to take courses that align with your passions while still attaining all of the benefits of the Science and Business program (such as involvement in the Science and Business Workshops or WatSolve).

Bioinformatics Option

IT'S ALL IN THE CODE! You've decided that pursuing a degree in science makes sense for you - but what if you want something that takes you to the next level in DNA technologies? Our Bioinformatics Option might be what you're looking for. You'll learn how to take vast amounts of scientific and biological data that would take years to sort through manually, and process it in computational terms in just a matter of minutes. Talk to an academic advisor in second year to add this to your degree. This option is open to all Faculty of Science students.

Science and Business Workshops

Truly more than the sum of its parts, Science and Business offers a unique set of courses that specifically highlight how analytical thinking and scientific rigor intersect in business. Focus on:

  • Technology innovation
  • Strategic development
  • Management and marketing of scientific and technical advances
  • Organizational management of scientific organizations

Taught by seasoned individuals grounded in the often contrary worlds of academic, industrial, entrepreneurship, and public policy, you'll develop the special skills that set Science and Business students apart.


You can learn about the sciences and about business - but at Waterloo, we give you more opportunities that bring these worlds together. Where else can you actively consult on, and solve, real business problems within scientific organizations?

WatSolve is our student-run consulting team that uses expertise in marketing, operations, human resources, strategy, and finance to help science-based organizations become more effective, efficient, and resilient. Open to all Science and Business students, you'll make a difference in industry before you've even had your first co-op interview. Now that's ahead of the curve!

"My role in WatSolve required me to understand the concept that people and processes are intertwined and cannot be viewed separately." - Gabrielle, WatSolve HR Team Lead

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  • Business strategy
  • Public speaking
  • Conflict resolution
  • Leadership
  • Time management

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