About Science and Business

Science and Business students

Our technology-driven world requires a new type of business professional. To remain competitive, the business person of the 21stcentury needs to understand the technologies that underpin modern enterprise and speak the language of science-based firms.

Consistent with Waterloo's innovative and technology oriented mission, the Science and Business-related programs serve the dynamic needs of modern national and international business professionals – we ensure you will  be ready to compete and lead in the current technology-intensive global market place. 

Science and Business students are:

  • Dynamic, out-of-the-box thinkers who want to make their mark in both their scientific and business pursuits;
  • Problem solvers who see opportunities where others see obstacles and have the vision to create state-of-the-art solutions;
  • Dreamers and doers who aren't afraid to ask questions,  aren't satisfied with the status quo, and stop at nothing to make meaningful change;
  • You - a future leader, decision maker and world changer!

The result?

  • A unique degree that stands out today, with the technical and the soft skills to give you an advantage for years to come, regardless of where you are working or what you are doing.
  • A new class of multi-talented professionals - business leaders, policy shapers, critical thinkers, researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs - who approach challenges from different angles and provide nuanced, multi-faceted solutions.

We do business differently.

  • Embed your in-depth technical knowledge and practical co-op experience with the specialization of your choice and set yourself apart from other business grads, get at distinct advantage in the job market.
  • With the largest post-secondary co-op program in the world, you have the opportunity to test drive potential career paths, fund your education, build strong professional references and build a deep network of industry colleagues and peers.
  • With experiential learning opportunities such as case studies, industry site visits and guest lecturers, you'll be grounded in real world situations and learn where your contributions —your skills, knowledge, and passion— are most needed.
  • In Canada's most innovative university (at least 27 years in a row*) you'll be exposed to cutting edge ideas, meet entrepreneurs and innovators, and be surrounded by like-minded people. It's an environment that'll bring out the best of your creative and intellectual abilities, ensuring that when you graduate, you'll go far!
*as ranked by Maclean's magazine