'Blue Goggle' calculators

Approved Calculators

Science courses that allow the use of calculators for tests and exams may only permit specific models. The Faculty of Science has approved the TI 30X II with a Blue Goggle logo for this purpose.

Alternatively, the Faculty of Math has also approved a variety of calculator models, indicated with their Pink Tie logo. For more information on these, check their Calculator Regulation web page. ‘Pink Tie’ calculators may also be permitted for use in some Science courses.

Please note that the Science Undergraduate Office does not "sticker" calculators.

Students should report any problems with the 'Blue Goggle' calculator, or its acceptance by instructors, to the Science Undergraduate Office.

Free Calculator Included with Your Orientation Kit!

First-year students in the Faculty of Science will receive a free 'Blue Goggle' calculator in their Orientation kits. Those first-year students who did not attend Orientation Week, should contact the Student Engagement Coordinator, to obtain their calculator.

Post-secondary transfer students will be contacted by the Science Undergraduate Office with instructions to pick up their calculators in September. 

All other students who are not new to the University of Waterloo may purchase a 'Blue Goggle' calculator from the W Store.