Academic advisors

Who are academic advisors?

Academic Advisors are staff and faculty members who are knowledgeable, approachable, and available. Academic Advisors motivate, encourage, and support students by empowering them to take responsibility for their academic journey. They are experienced in interacting with diverse student populations and providing a safe and welcoming environment where any student can feel comfortable sharing their concerns and difficulties.

What is academic advising?

The primary purpose of academic advising is to assist students in the development of meaningful educational plans. Advising fosters a connected and supportive Waterloo community where students can achieve their personally defined academic goals. Advising supports student learning and development by providing students with curricular advice, guidance in exploring options, a place to communicate questions and concerns, and the opportunity to receive referrals that are unique to them and fit with their individual needs.

The Science Undergraduate Office supports all Science students and is the academic advising home for all students in Honours Science, General Science, Psychology/Science, Science & Aviation, and all students in their first year. If you are in another program, you will have program advisors who will be available for course consultation and guidance after the first year.

Science Undergraduate Office

How can we help? Advisor 
General academic questions, 'New to UWaterloo Upper-Year Transfer' students (June to August only), CAP (conditional admission to Pharmacy), Post-Degree
Earth Sciences (all specializations) and Environmental Science, Geoscience, and Water Science specializations, General Science as a result of academic standing Luke Balch
First-year Science programs, communication requirement Maryann Sertic
General Science, readmission after failed standing Lori Labelle
Honours Science (surname A to G), Psychology/Science Andrea Neumann
Honours Science (surname H to Z) Luke Balch
Readmission, joint honours plans Stephen Woods
Science & Aviation, faculty transfer students, Non-Degree Maureen Wolff
Science International Exchange, BASE, iBASE, and international students Meiling Wu

Upper-year (2nd year and above) students




Biochemistry, Biochemistry/Biotechnology Specialization, Biochemistry Minor    

Dara Gilbert
Laura Lemieux


Biomedical Sciences

Biotechnology/Chartered Professional Accountancy



China 2+2/BASE students

Program(s) Name
China 2+2/BASE                              Meiling Wu

Earth Sciences

Environmental Sciences

General Science and Honours Science

Materials and Nanosciences

Program(s) Name
Materials and Nanosciences                                                                                         Rick Marta
Tong Leung

Non-Degree/Post Degree

Optometry and Vision Sciences

Program(s) Name
Doctor of Optometry                                                                                 Michaela Tatu (email)
Shamroze Khan


Program(s) Name
Doctor of Pharmacy                                                                   Becky Ewan

Kaitlin Bynkoski


Program(s) Contact
  • Biological and Medical Physics, Life Physics, Life Physics/Medical Physics Specialization, Life Physics/Biophysics Specialization, Biophysics Minor;
  • Chemical Physics;
  • Mathematical Physics;
  • Physics, Physics Minor;
  • Physics and Astronomy, Astrophysics Minor
Physics Undergraduate Advisors


Program(s) Name
Psychology/Science                                                                                               Andrea Neumann (Science and general elective course requirements)
Ceylan Enver (PSYCH course requirements)

Science and Aviation

Program(s) Name

Science and Aviation (All specializations)                                                                     

Sophie Dallaire (ENV)

Maureen Wolff (SCI)

Science and Business