Honours Science

  Discover your own path in our most flexible program. 

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Students walking around our Biology and Earth Sciences and Chemistry buildings


As an Honours Science student, you can choose between BIOL, CHEM, EARTH, MNS, PHYS, and SCI to count towards your Science elective credits. 

When choosing courses, it is important to consider what your goals are. Are you working towards meeting the requirements for a professional school? Are you looking to take specific upper year courses which have prerequisites? Are you looking to take courses for interest? 

Once you determine your goals, you can decide which courses are more appropriate for any given term. 

We encourage you to take a look at our visual course maps* which are available for five Science subjects of study. They may give you an idea of what courses may be appropriate to take and align with your goals.

* Accessible versions of course maps available here (Word document will download first):

Degree checklist (Excel file download)

Program requirements are generally based on the year students begin their studies in the Faculty of Science. Make sure to view the correct program requirements in the archived calendar for the appropriate year.

How to fill out the Honours Science degree checklist excel file:

* Please review the video description on Vimeo for a transcript of the audio.

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Since Honours Science is a flexible program, many choose to complement their degree with a Science or non-Science minor. The following links can help develop a better understanding of the various minors available.

Further education

Are you interested in pursuing professional or graduate school? Consider the various types of further education that may be in your future career plan through the following links.

Experiential learning

Our EDGE program provides students with the experience necessary to take on the workforce. Considering that Honours Science is a non co-op program, the EDGE program is a great alternative option.

Need help?

If you have questions about completing an Honours Science degree, feel free to connect with an Honours Science program advisor.