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Students studying at Mike & Ophelia Lazaridis Quantum-Nano Centre.

Course enrolment resources

Here are a few common enrolment problems and course override topics you may encounter when enrolling in courses on Quest.

Learn more about how that may affect your studies using the course enrolment resources.

The University of Waterloo offers many different courses outside the Faculty of Science. Learn more about the different potential electives you can take to expand your undergraduate career.

Experiential learning

Learning also takes place outside of the classroom. Experiential learning gives you the opportunity to enhance your skills, which will give you a great advantage when you graduate. 

The University of Waterloo and the Faculty of Science offer professional development resources and research opportunities to undergraduate Science students.

International exchange

Want to experience what the rest of the world has to offer? Internationalize your science degree by going abroad with Science International Exchange.

SCI 230 - Global Aspects of Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship is an international course that not only allows for the opportunity to travel to Israel, but also a unique opportunity to learn about scientific innovation, entrepreneurship and more!

Program information and requirements

Learn more about your program requirements and how you can map out your future plans. 

Honours Science is our most flexible program. Choose between BIOL, CHEM, EARTH, MNS, PHYS, and SCI courses to count towards your degree, and customize them best to fit your goals.

Grades and academic standings

There are many possible outcomes for your grades and academic standings. Learn more about what an academic standing is, how averages are calculated, and what the different terms mean on your unofficial transcript.

Modifying your program

Modifying your program is a great way to personalize your Science degree to what represents you best.

Interested in transferring to Science? Learn about the admission requirements, program options, and how to get in touch with the Science transfer advisor to discuss your goals.

Medical School Partnerships

The Faculty of Science is continually looking for ways to expand academic pathways for our students looking to further their education by attending medical school after graduating. Learn about what agreements we have in place to benefit our students