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Let's get ready to graduate!

You will find all the information to be prepared for graduation on the Convocation website.  Please contact your academic advisor if you have any questions about meeting your degree requirements

On this page:

Graduation Newsletter

To help you prepare for every step toward graduation, all students in 3A/3B General Science and 4A/4B Science degree programs will be automatically signed up and sent an email series over the Fall and Winter terms. These email newsletters will capture important dates, highlight events, and suggest campus resources to support your transition to becoming alumni. If you are intending to graduate in 2024 and have not yet received an email, sign up on the right.

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Submitting the Application to Graduate Form

In your final academic term, you must complete the Application to Graduate form online (previously known as the Intention to Graduate form). Please note the deadlines below:

Spring Convocation (June)

  • December 1: if requirements are completed during the fall term
  • EXTENDED to April 30, 4.30PM: if requirements are completed during the winter term 

Fall Convocation (October)

  • August 15: if requirements are completed during the spring term 

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Graduation photos

If you have any questions, please email Newschool Photography at help@newschoolphotography.com.

Newschool Photography is our exclusive photographer for graduating Science students. Grad photos are taken over the Fall and Winter terms to help prepare for class composites. This applies whether you are graduating in Spring OR Fall Convocation. Appointments are booked with Newschool Photography and will be available until February 16th. Questions can be directed to Newschool Photography. 

Don't delay any longer! Spots are filling up quickly! Book your photos now!

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IDEAL Scholar Program

Once you have submitted your Application to Graduate form, check out our IDEAL Scholar program! Activities you participated in during your undergraduate degree may fit into the innovation, discovery, engagement, application, and leadership categories, making you eligible for a medallion at graduation.


The position of Class Valedictorian is an honoured one, and we encourage members of the graduating class to nominate their colleagues. The ability to organize and present a speech in a clear and persuasive manner is important, but the Valedictorian must also be a worthy and excellent representative of the graduating classes. For more information on how to apply to be a valedictorian nominee or to be a part of the valedictorian selection committee, view our Valedictorian page.

SciSoc Science Gradball

Class of 2024: More information about the event will be provided in the Graduation Newsletter in March.

Stay tuned for more details in your Graduation Newsletter!

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Science and Waterloo Alumni Communities 

Keep in touch with our Science Alumni team, the UWaterloo e-community, or UWaterloo Alumni Relations.

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