Course selection and enrolment

A great way to get prepared for your first term at UWaterloo is to select your courses, enrol in them, and familiarize yourself with the planning tools to help you along the way. 

If you have questions along the way make sure to contact the Science Undergraduate Office.

Course Planning Resources

New students

As a first year Science student, your academic advisors have selected most, if not all, of your required courses for you. The required courses page will inform you about what courses you will be taking in the Fall and Winter terms, and if you have electives. If your program has an elective component, you will need to select this course. If your program does not list an elective component, you will still need to review the required courses on your Quest to ensure successful course selection. It is important that you read the Notes under your listed program as there may be recommended electives.

To do:

  1. Read the required courses page and know your courses for your program.
  2. Log in to Quest.
  3. Match required courses and those already selected on Quest.
  4. If applicable, select your elective(s) on Quest

Degree Requirements

The Undergraduate Calendar is the official guide to student's courses and programs with important policies and regulations. Students will find their program requirements and the courses they need to take in order to graduate.

It is important to note that the student's incoming year is the reference point in the Undergraduate Calendar. For example, a student starting studies in the Fall 2024 term will reference their program in the 2024-2025 Calendar. Once the 2025-2026 Calendar is published, in April of 2025, the 2024-2025 Calendar is archived.

The 2024-2025 Calendar is the first one published using new software. It will have a new look and feel from previously archived Calendars, effective 2023-2024 and prior. 

Course description index

The Course Descriptions Index is a reference tool for students to look up course descriptions. This is a helpful resource to reference when it comes to choosing potential electives, or planning ahead for your future terms.

Schedule of classes

The Schedule of Classes should be used when looking up course information, including courses available per term, number of sections offered, enrolment capacity, time and place of the class, and the instructor.
Tip: When selecting the term (e.g. 1239), this number typically starts with '1' (21st Century), followed by the year '' (2023), and the first month of the term 'September = 9' (9th month of the year).

Course Selection Offerings List

Course Selection Offerings List

The Course Selection Offerings List will give students a look into what courses are offered in the next term. This list also has information on where the course is offered including online, Affiliated University-Colleges, and UWaterloo main campus.

Enrolment problems

If you are having trouble enrolling into courses, the enrolment problems and course overrides page will be a good place to start troubleshooting.