Course enrolment resources

Course selection vs. the drop/add period

There are two opportunities to select courses for the upcoming term, which differ in their timing in a given term and their limitations. During the course selection period, you're able to create a wish list of courses you'd like to be enrolled in for the next term. Enrolment is not guaranteed, and the results take into account the number of available seats, time conflicts with other courses, priority rankings, and seat reserves. Course selection is your first chance to get into a desired course, so you're always encouraged to complete this process each term.

After the schedule for the next term is released, which shows the results of your course selection wish list, the drop/add period begins. Enrolment changes are live during the drop/add period, meaning any successful course adds, swaps, or drops will be effective immediately. While there are many different course drop deadlines each term, the last day to make any course adds or swaps is typically the Friday of the second week of classes.

To see all the relevant enrolment deadlines each term, be sure to look at the calendar of important dates.

Completing course selection

You can follow these instructions to complete the course selection process. To see which courses are going to be offered in the upcoming term, you can review the course selection offerings list. You can look at the course description for any course you want to learn more about.

Making class changes during the drop/add period

Once the drop/add period begins, you can make instant changes to your schedule. Be sure to refer to the undergraduate schedule of classes for information on available course sections, the location and time of classes, instructor information, and course capacity. For step-by-step instructions on making changes, review the list of Quest how-to guides.

  • add classes: follow these instructions to add a new course to your schedule
  • drop classes: follow these instructions to drop a course from your schedule
    • Caution: if trying to swap courses, don't drop and then add separately. Instead, use the swap function to ensure you preserve your seat in the original class in case the swap is not successful.
  • swap classes: follow these instructions to swap one class out for another
  • swap components: follow these instructions if you want to swap your lab or tutorial section while remaining in your main lecture section

What is an enrolment appointment?

At the beginning of the drop/add period, you are only able to make changes to your schedule during your enrolment appointment. An enrolment appointment is a window of time where you have the ability to modify your enrolment. You can view your enrolment appointment in Quest. Enrolment appointments ensure staggered access to enrolment changes for the first couple days of the drop/add period to ensure fair opportunity make changes across the student population. After the last enrolment appointment ends, all enrolment changes in Quest become first-come first-served.

Be sure to review the calendar of important dates so you know exactly when all the enrolment deadlines are each term.