Program requirements

Program Brochure

Program-specific requirements are listed under the Faculty of Science, Academic Plans section of the Undergraduate Calendar. You must satisfy the requirements set out in the calendar for the year in which you first entered the Faculty or you may choose to satisfy a set of requirements specified subsequently. 

Information about courses

Course registration processes are outlined by the Registrar’s Office.

Having trouble enrolling in a course or need a course override? Take a look at the enrolment problems and course overrides page.

Questions about the maximum number of courses you can take? Unsure how your course load will affect your eligibility for financial aid, health and dental, and more? More information can be found on the course load page.

Wondering which courses to take as an elective? Check out this list of course which do not have a prerequisite course.

You can also review these course planning resources to help plan your Science courses:

Science course planning resources
Select Science subjects in Undergraduate Calendar Subject pathway diagrams ('trees') based on Undergraduate Calendar (PDF)
Biology courses Pathway diagram (2019-2020) for BIOL
Chemistry courses Pathway diagram (2019-2020) for CHEM
Earth Sciences courses Pathway diagram (2019-2020) for EARTH
Materials and Nanosciences courses Pathway diagram (2019-2020) for MNS
Physics courses Pathway diagram (2019-2020) for PHYS

 Make sure to also consult with the Undergraduate Calendar for any recommended electives your program might have.

Communication requirement

The communication requirement helps prepare students for academic and professional success. In study and work terms, communication skills and strategies are crucial to success. Visit the communication requirement page for more details.

Modifying your program

Are you planning to change your program by switching co-op streams, changing programs, or declaring a specialization and/or a minor? Take a look at the modifying your program page for more details.

Academic standings

Each term an "Academic Standing" is assigned to your transcript. This is based on your program and the averages you received, both cumulative (all terms) and on the last complete academic term. It is your responsibility to know what your academic standing means and any potential next steps you may need to take after if you have received an unsatisfactory standing. Visit the grades and academic standings web page for details.