graduands sitting during convocation ceremony

Let's get ready to graduate! 

You will find all the information to be prepared for graduation on the Convocation website.  Please contact your academic advisor if you have any questions about meeting your degree requirements

On this page:

Graduation newsletters

To help you prepare for every step toward graduation, all students in 3A/3B General Science and 4A/4B Science degree programs will be sent an email series over the Fall and Winter terms. These email newsletters will capture important dates, highlight events, and suggest campus resources to support your transition to becoming alumni.   

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Graduation photos

Newschool Photography is our exclusive photographer for graduating Science students. Grad photos are taken during the Fall term (November and December) to help prepare for class composites. Appointments are booked with Newschool Photography. Questions can be directed to Newschool  Photography. 

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Submitting the Application to Graduate Form

In your final academic term, you must complete the Application to Graduate form online (previously known as the Intention to Graduate form). Please note the deadlines below:

Spring Convocation (June)

  • October 15 - December 1: if requirements are completed during the fall term
  • October 15 - March 1: if requirements are completed during the winter term 

Fall Convocation (October)

  • June 1 - August 1: if requirements are completed during the spring term 

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The position of Class Valedictorian is an honoured one, and we encourage members of the graduating class to nominate their colleagues. The ability to organize and present a speech in a clear and persuasive manner is important, but the Valedictorian must also be a worthy and excellent representative of the graduating classes.

The Valedictory address follows remarks, greetings, and congratulations by the President of the University, and the Convocation Address by an Honorary Graduand. In some years, the Honorary Graduand has made the kind of speech the Valedictorian was expected to give, so it’s best if the speech is distinctive and unique in its content.  The Valedictorian is expected to address Convocation for a maximum of five minutes. The address should be appropriate to the dignity of the occasion, and the audience size is typically 1000-2000.

June 2020 Valedictorians:

Morning Ceremony Afternoon Ceremony



Valedictorian Selection Committee - June 2020 Convocation

The selection committee will judge the nominees based on their written submissions and speeches. Please e-mail Danny Bui if you would like to be part of the selection committee. You must be a graduating student to participate. 

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Graduation Reception 

All graduating students are invited to the Science Grad Reception held at Federation Hall in March. Details and formal invitations will be sent via the Graduation Newsletter.  

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Science and Waterloo Alumni Communities 

Keep in touch with our Science Alumni team, the UWaterloo e-community, or UWaterloo Alumni Relations.  

Interested in connecting with Science alumni, students, and recent graduates? Join the UW Catalyst Cafe and start networking

Interested in starting a business, or considering entrepreneurship? Check out the Be A Star Program.  

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