Student support

Student with advisor

Priscila chats about options with one of her students. Our advisors are here to talk to students about courses, options, transfers, and other topics that students might need within their time in the Faculty of Science.

Academic advisors

Academic advisors are here to help you by providing guidance on courses, planning your future terms, and providing resources throughout your undergraduate career. There are specific advisors for each program.

Wellness and academic resources

There are a variety of wellness and academic resources available to support students throughout their time at the University of Waterloo.

Science Undergraduate Office (SUO)

The Science Undergraduate Office houses the academic advisors for all students in Honours Science, General Science, Psychology/Science, Science and Aviation, and all students in their first-year. The SUO is located in STC 2031.

Program requirements

You are responsible for achieving your program requirements. The program requirements page is your guide to help you ensure you accomplish all that is needed in order to graduate.

New students

Welcome to the Faculty of Science! Wondering how to get started? This welcome page will help you prepare for university in the Fall term.

Academic policies and procedures

Academics at university can be complex, and it is important to know the policies and procedures that govern the university. Be sure to understand the policies that have the greatest impact on your academic career.