How do I select courses for a future term?

For undergraduate students only. Can only be viewed on a desktop computer.


  • See Course Selection Period for resources and helpful information to help you during this phase of registering for courses.
  • You won't have access to course selection if your faculty has already chosen all of your courses. If you see this message "Your department is adding courses for you. Check your courses." then no further action is required by you until the Drop/Add Period.

Do you want to:

  1. Sign in to Quest.
  2. Select the Course Selection tile.
    Course selection tile in quest

To add a course(s)

    1. Select Add Courses.
      my course selection displayed with arrow pointing to add courses link
    2. Follow the instructions listed on the Quest page. Select Add Course
      course selection tab add course selections displayed with arrow pointing to add course button
    3. Search for the desired course. Follow the instructions listed on the Quest page. Note that there may also be important course selection information displayed for some courses. Steps:
      • Choose a subject using the lookup icon and a catalog number from the drop-down list.
      • Select the instruction mode for the course from the drop-down list if there is a choice (i.e., On Campus or Online).
        • Select the appropriate button to indicate whether this instruction mode is preferred or required.
      • If you've selected an On Campus instruction mode and the course is offered at multiple campuses, specify your campus of choice.
        • Select the appropriate button to indicate whether this campus is preferred or required.
      • Review any details in the Course Selection Information section.
      • Select Continue.
        course selection tab add course selections displayed with arrow pointing to add course button
    4. Select Add Course or Add Another Row to add more courses. Select either day or evening classes and add a different priority number for each course. After you've chosen all the courses you want to add, select the Submit button.
      add future term course selections with example scheduling preferences and priority selected with arrow pointing to submit button and add another row link
    5. The results of your course selection attempts will show in the column Add Status. Select any message that isn't listed as "Success" to read the message. Common messages:
      • Success = successfully added
      • Success/Messages = view message
        Note: It is your responsibility to read the message and take appropriate action if necessary. E.g., you may be repeating the course. If you wish to drop the course, select Drop Courses. After viewing the message, select Cancel to go to the previous page.
      • Errors Found = requisites may not have been met; you may have to select another course.
    6. After Success messages, select View My Course Selections to review your selections.
      successful course add with view my course selections link circled

    To drop a course(s)

    1. Select Drop Courses.
      sample course selection with drop courses link circled
    2. Select Drop from the drop-down list for the appropriate course. Select Submit when finished dropping all desired courses.

    To change priority and preferences for a course

    1. Select Change Priority and Preferences.
      sample course selection with change priority and preferences link circled
    2. Continue to change until satisfied. Select Save Changes when done. The system will respond with a "Changes were successfully saved" message. Select OK.