Required Courses for PharmD Admissions


To be eligible for admission consideration into the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program, candidates must meet the following academic requirements:

  1. Have obtained a minimum 75.0% cumulative post-secondary average (Note: grades achieved in every post-secondary course and all course attempts will be included in the cumulative average calculation);
  2. Have successfully completed, (or have a plan in place to successfully complete by the end of the 2nd term of the year for which application is made) a minimum of 8.0 FCE* of university level courses;
  3. Have successfully completed, (or have a plan in place to successfully complete by the end of the 2nd term of the year for which application is made) an acceptable course for each required prerequisite course listed below.

*FCE - Full-Credit Equivalent, 1.0 FCE = 2 term/semester course, 0.5 FCE = 1 term/semester course

List of required courses 

Course codes listed below are Waterloo examples of acceptable prerequisite courses. To see a list of examples of acceptable courses at other Ontario universities (and a select number of Canadian Universities), view our Examples of Acceptable Courses section.

Examples of acceptable courses

The course information below provides examples of the known Biology, Chemistry, Math, and English courses, or combination of courses, which may be used to meet specific prerequisite course requirements for the PharmD program.

Specific examples will not be listed for Science labs and/or Social Sciences/Humanities prerequisite course requirements. General information about meeting these requirements is provided in the applicable sections above.

Reminder: applicants may complete the course requirements at any accredited post-secondary institution.
Listed below are Ontario Universities, as well as some Canadian Universities. Due to the large number of post-secondary institutions we cannot list all institutions.

Please note that although we do provide guidance regarding academic requirements, we cannot conduct a formal review of academic qualifications until an official application has been submitted. We strongly encourage applicants to send inquiries and submit their application well in advance of deadlines.

If you do not see your institution listed below or you do not see a specific course within your institution listed below you may email for more information.

Visit the Waterloo Pharmacy Frequently Asked Questions page for additional course requirement information for applicants from institutions not listed below. 

Universities and their acceptable courses (in alphabetical order):