Regional Clinical Coordinator, Sudbury; Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor

Kaitlin BynkoskiKaitlin joined the University of Waterloo’s School of Pharmacy in April 2014 as the Regional Clinical Coordinator for Sudbury.

A graduate of Waterloo’s School of Pharmacy, Kaitlin was actively involved in leadership activities throughout her four years in the program. As former president of the Society of Pharmacy Students, she worked on countless projects from the ground up. Now, as the Regional Clinical Coordinator for Sudbury, Kaitlin brings to the School more than four years of experience as an advocate for the program and its students.

Kaitlin graduated in 2013 and was given the honour of being awarded the Ontario Pharmacists Association Student of the Year. Since graduating, she has been practising as a community pharmacist in Sudbury for Shoppers Drug Mart. In this role, she has been implementing professional services into practice by developing clinic days, and by providing smoking cessation services, MedsChecks, flu shots, and home medication review appointments. She also volunteers with the Ontario College of Pharmacists as the continuing education coordinator for Sudbury, where she is developing evidence-based professional development resources for pharmacists in her community.

Kaitlin is passionate about patient care and improving its access and delivery to the residents of Northern Ontario communities. She is excited about the positive impact that PharmD students in Sudbury will bring to professional services in the region.

Kaitlin is committed to creating a community of practice in Sudbury, with the goal of uniting pharmacists from all disciplines to work together to achieve better patient care outcomes in the region.

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