Policy 47 – Part-Time Teaching Appointments for Full-Time Staff

Established: February 14, 1973 

Last updated: September 1, 1976 


Some qualified staff members are invited to teach part time in an academic department. In recognition of the desirability of this kind of exchange of services, the following guidelines have been established:

  1. The approval of the home department Head, as well as the normal academic appointment approvals, are required.
  2. The home department Head, after assessing the degree to which the part-time teaching activity will affect the performance of the staff member's duties, and deciding to approve the appointment, must recognize the approval has to be given for the duration of the course, in fairness to the academic program.
  3. It is not generally expected that approval would be given for teaching loads in excess of one course per term, to a maximum of two courses per year.
  4. Teaching stipends will be determined by the academic department Chair in consultation with the home department Head and will not vary markedly from regular part-time sessionals or other standard rates appropriate for the qualifications of the staff member.
  5. No stipends will be paid directly to the staff member by the academic department; all monies will be transferred by means of a charge to the salaries account of the academic department and a credit to the designated home department account.
  6. The home department Head, in consultation with the staff member and Human Resources, will determine the allocation of the monies. In some cases it will be appropriate to pay all the money out to the individual as extra salary where the teaching services are clearly over and above the regular job and require considerable extra effort. In other cases the teaching services will be viewed as a part of the regular job and no extra monies will be paid to the individual. In between the two cases cited, there are a number of other possibilities, such as time off, and so on.
  7. The appointment category to be used is the Adjunct Appointments category, as defined in Policy #76.
  8. The fundamental objective of this policy is that the home department Head retain the proper authority and accountability for all monies received from the University by that department's staff members.