Policy 62 – Conflict of Interest in the Employment and Supervision of Personnel

Established: February 1, 1987

Class: FS

1. Faculty and Staff Positions

Faculty or staff members will not be assigned to positions in which they report to a member of their family, or where there is an indirect relationship such that a family member may influence salary or promotion considerations.

Accountability for compliance with this policy will rest with the appropriate line organizations.

2. Situations Resulting from Administrative Term Appointments

Should an administrative term appointment create a situation where one family member reports to another, all University of Waterloo procedures affecting tenure, salary increases, promotions and similar matters, will be adjusted so that these procedures take place without the participation of the superordinate family member.

3. Regulations of Granting or Funding Agencies

When the regulations of granting or funding agencies are more restrictive than those above, the regulations of the granting or funding agencies will be observed.