Waterloo Robotics Day

Monday, March 6, 2023 9:00 am - 4:00 pm EST (GMT -05:00)

Robotics Day

Waterloo Robotics Day

The Waterloo Robotics Day will bring together robotics researchers and graduate students at Waterloo and provide an opportunity to share the extraodinary robotics research that is happening on campus.

We will have industry representatives from the region, and a combination of teaser talks by research group leaders and poster sessions by students and postdocs.

This event is co-organized by the Human-Centred Robotics & Machine Intelligence research group and RoboHub.  

Event Agenda

Time Event / Speakers
8:30-9:00 Registration, coffee + pastries
9:00-9:15 Welcome and Opening remarks
 Overview talks by robotics research group leaders
9:15-9:25 Katja Mombaur - Human-Centred Robotics and Machine Intelligence (HCRMI)
9:25-9:35 Yash V. Pant - Control, Learning and Logic (CL2)
9:35-9:45 John Zelek - Vision Image Processing (VIP)
9:45-9:55 Kerstin Dautenhahn - Social and Intelligent Robotics Research Lab (SIRRL)
9:55-10:05 Arash Arami - Neuromechanics and Assistive Robotics Laboratory
10:05-10:15 Richard Nuckols - Assistive & Rehabilitation Robotics
10:15-10:25 Hamed Shahsavan - Smart Materials for Advanced Robotics Technologies lab
10:30-11:00 Break + Networking
11:00-11:10 Carolyn Ren - Waterloo Microfluidics Laboratory (WML)
11:10-11:20 James Tung - Neural and Rehabilitation Engineering Lab
11:20-11:30 Lukas Bauman for Boxin Z - Surface Science and Bio-nanomaterials Lab
11:30-11:40 Yue Hu - Active & Interactive Robotics Lab (A.I.R. Lab)
11:40-11:50 Chris Eliasmith - Computational Neuroscience Research Group
11:50-12:00 John McPhee - Motion Research Group
12:00-12:10 William Melek - RoboHub & Laboratory of Computational Intelligence and Automation
12:15-1:15 Lunch + Networking
1:15-1:35 Clearpath and OTTO
1:35-1:55 Indro Robotics, Kinova, Reallife Robotics, Avidrone 
1:55-2:00 Poster session introduction
2:00-2:45 1st Poster session and Industry demos
2:45-3:00 Afternoon break
3:00-3:45 2nd Poster session and Industry demos
3:45-4:00 Farewell


Registration is required and will close on Monday, February 27 at 3:00 pm.

This is a free event. Morning coffee+pastries and lunch provided.