Systems Design Engineering Student and Professor Featured in Canadian Underwriter Article:

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Devinder Kumar, a Ph.D. student and Prof. Alexander Wong, an Associate Professor of Systems Design Engineering, was featured in an article by Canadian Underwriter about software that makes it easier to adopt and trust AI.

New software developed at the University of Waterloo (UWaterloo) in Ontario could make it easier to adopt and trust powerful artificial intelligence (AI) systems that set insurance premiums, generate stock market predictions and assess who qualifies for mortgages, the university said in a press release on Friday.

The software is designed to analyze and explain decisions made by deep-learning AI algorithms, providing key insights needed to satisfy regulatory authorities and give analysts confidence in their recommendations.

“The potential impact, especially in regulatory settings, is massive,” suggested Devinder Kumar, lead researcher and a PhD candidate in systems design engineering at UWaterloo. “If you can’t provide reasons for their decisions, you can’t use those state-of-the-art systems right now.”

Deep-learning AI algorithms essentially teach themselves by processing and detecting patterns in vast quantities of data, the release explained. As a result, even their creators don’t know why they come to their conclusions. [Read more]