(This session is mandatory and must be completed during your 1st term of your MSc/PhD) 

This session is designed to get Optometry and Vision Science Masters and PhD. students' research off to the races. You will become aquainted with the Witer Learning Resource Centre, its awesome staff, as well as the information, research, and learning resources available to you. This session is mandatory as outlined in the Vision Science Graduate Student Handbook (PDF), and is reported in your Annual Report with your supervisor.

This session is part of the WLRC Module series for graduate students and researchers brought to you by the Witer Learning Resource Centre. 

Details of past sessions can be found below.


Laura Bredahl, Librarian for Optometry & Vision Science and Biology
519 888 4567 x 38538
Room: 2107

Peter Stirling, Digital Initiatives Officer
519 888 4567 x36351
Room: 2106




October 22, 2019 @ 12:30 in WLRC

Past events

May 16th 2018 [Slides]

March 15th 2018 [Slides]

October 31st 2017 [Slides] 

May 16th 2017 [Slides]


Optometry Research Guide from the University of Waterloo

After hours procedures for optometry graduate students

Setting up Library Links in Google Scholar (.pdf)