Unaccommodated (or suspected) disability/illness/trauma


This application is for you to request an accommodation for an unaccommodated (or suspected) disability/illness/trauma that may have affected your previous performance/academic record.

You are eligible if:

  • you have had significant circumstances that affected your grades and
  • you were not accommodated through your school or relevant services (e.g., Individualized Education Plam (IEP), informal accommodation by your teachers)

Use this form if you were unaware that you had a disability while completing your studies and/or were not accommodated for your disability.


  • You will be required to submit a University of Waterloo Retroactive Disability Verification form (link below) to have your request considered. Applications without an approved form will not be considered.
  • All completed applications must be received by the document deadline for Fall 2024 admission consideration. Submissions that are incomplete or received after the deadline may not be considered. 
  • If you applied to a Part-time or Online program, please follow the deadlines for your program as posted here: https://uwaterloo.ca/future-students/part-time-online-degrees
  • This form is not to be used for students with disabilities that were already accommodated (e.g., you received an Individualized Education Plan) and/or informal accommodations by your teachers with extra time, assignment extensions).


Step 1:

Download the Retroactive Disability Verification Form (PDF) and have it completed by your health care practitioner prior to the deadline.

Step 2:

Complete the application form below. Be sure to upload your completed Retroactive Disability Verification form.

Step 3:

The University of Waterloo will assess your submitted medical documentation and review each request on its individual merits. Upon review, a summary will be shared with the Admission Committee, and you will be notified via the regular admission decision channels on the outcome of your application(s).


  • If your academic record is below our competitive threshold for admission, the additional information you provide will be taken into consideration along with your overall academic record. This does not guarantee that you will receive admission to Waterloo.
  • If you have any questions about the contents within this web form, or, if you experienced any barriers in completing this form, please contact specialconsideration@uwaterloo.ca.

Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.

Application form

Date of birth * (required)
Please describe the impact of your suspected/unaccommodated disability on your academic performance/record. Please note the specific semester(s)/course(s) that were impacted, as well as the weighting of any graded course component that were affected. Please include timelines and any other relevant information.
Previous accommodations and supports * (required)
During the last two years of your studies at your previous educational institution, did you receive any formal or informal academic accommodations (e.g., an Individualized Education Plan was created and followed; teacher permitted additional test writing time upon request)

Academic Reference

Please supply an academic reference (teacher, guidance counsellor, principal) that can confirm whether any formal or informal accommodations were in place. 

Medical Documentation

Upload your Retroactive Disability Verification Form, which is required for your request to be reviewed. You may also upload any other medical documentation, if applicable.

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Files must be less than 25 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg pdf zip.