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2012 Alumni Awards

Across Canada and around the world, Waterloo alumni are making significant contributions to their university, their professions and their communities. The Alumni Awards recognize these individuals and their efforts to build a better world.

Faculty of Arts

Wayne C. Fox: Alumni Achievement Award

Natalie MacNeil: Young Alumni Award

School of Accounting and Finance

Anish Chopra: Alumni Achievement Award

Elaine Lee: Young Alumni Award

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Alyson Woloshyn: Alumni Achievement Award

Adil Bhatti: Young Alumni Award

Faculty of Engineering

Ilia Kaufman: Alumni Achievement Medal, Professional Achievement

Michael D. Watkins: Alumni Achievement Medal, Professional Achievement

PLANT Architect Inc.: Team Alumni Achievement Medal

Reza Chaji: Young Alumni Achievement Medal

Faculty of Environment

Jim Davidson: Alumni Achievement Award

Faculty of Mathematics

Brendan Calder: Alumni Achievement Award

Geeta Tucker: Alumni Achievement Award

Thomas Valcke: Alumni Achievement Award

Ilya Grigorik: Young Alumni Achievement Award

Mike Jutan: Young Alumni Achievement Award

Stephen Watt: J.W. Graham Medal in Computing & Innovation

Faculty of Science

Hilary Foulkes: Distinguished Alumni Award

Kelly Moynihan: Distinguished Alumni Award

Kate Dawson: Young Alumni Award

Conrad Grebel University College

Larry Willms: Distinguished Alumni Service Award

St. Jerome's University

Kelly Moynihan: Fr. Norm Choate, C.R., Distinguished Graduate Award