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SAF Alumni 

Celebrating 10 Years of the Alumni Awards

In 2019, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of presenting the School of Accounting and Finance Alumni Awards.  To commemorate this milestone, the 2019 SAF Awards Celebration included two special awards: the International Alumni Achievement Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award.

International Alumni Achievement Award recipient: Calvin Choi (BA/Chartered Accountancy '01)

Lifetime Achievement Award recipient: Mike Garvey (BA '69)

Outstanding Alumni Achievement Award

Leader to Watch Award

The School of Accounting and Finance (SAF) Leader to Watch Award (originally titled, "Young Alumni Award") has been established to recognize the accomplishments of the School of Accounting and Finance alumni from the University of Waterloo.

The Leader to Watch Award was established to provide tangible recognition of alumni that have graduated recently, who have distinguished themselves through their professional achievements, and community service.

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Fellowship Program

The School of Accounting and Finance’s Fellowship Program was established in 2003 and aims to recruit top students by providing them with opportunities to grow and develop, and recognizing their success and accomplishments.

Each Fellowship is named after a distinguished alumnus known as an Honouree.  Honourees are nominated to join the Fellowship Program and serve as a role model for the students.

Fellowship Program Honourees List (PDF)

Awards Celebration

The SAF Awards Celebration is an evening that brings together our entire School of Accounting and Finance community. Our community is always growing and continues to make us at the School proud. This annual event celebrates our distinguished alumni Honourees and student Fellows in our Fellowship Program; our scholarship recipients and their supporters; as well as honours the recipients of the Alumni Achievement Award and Young Alumni Award.

Alumni on the CFE/UFE Honour Roll 

SAF alumni have distinguished themselves on the Common Final Examination (CFE) Honour Roll, formerly the Uniform Final Examination (UFE). The honour roll recognizes individuals with exceptional scores on the three day CPA certification exam. 

CFE/UFE Honour Roll Alumni (PDF) 

FCPA Designation

The Fellow designation for a CPA is granted to members who have provided exceptional service in both their professions and in their communities. 

The School of Accounting and Finance congratulates all of our alumni that have received this honour in their career.

Nominations are currently closed.  Look out for the Alumni E-Newsletter and the CPAO website to find out when they are accepting nominations.

FCPA Designation Alumni Recipients (PDF)