Waterloo Architecture

The University of Waterloo School of Architecture is a leader in design education and research.

Offering a fully cooperative professional program, Waterloo Architecture is the only Canadian school of architecture to have a permanent international facility, which has operated since 1979 in Rome, Italy. The school attracts top students from across Canada and around the world and has been rated the greenest architecture curriculum in Canada.

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Friday, July 5, 2024

Alumni in the news

This edition of Alumni in the News includes Drew Mandel (BArch '95), Rick Galezowski (BES '97, BArch '98), Siamak Hariri (BES '82), Wanda Ely (BES '96, BArch '98), Amanda Large (BES '02, BArch '05), Anya Moryoussef (BES '04, MArch '06)Mona Dai (BAS '15, MArch '18), Niara van Gaalen (BArch '23), Tony Kogan (BAS '18, MArch '20), Nikē/Vic Baneberry (BAS '18, MArch '21) and Julia Nakanishi (BAS '18, MArch '20).