Ericameria Nutt. is a genus of x=9 woody shrubs native to western North America and related to the genus Pentachaeta in the Pentichaetinae clade of the North American Clade.  Urbatsch, Anderson, Roberts, Neubig (2006 Flora North America) recognized 36 species native to Canada, the U.S. and northern Mexico.  The genus now includes species historically included in Chrysothamnus (e.g. Ericameria nauseosus), which is a member of a different phylogenetic clade (subtribe Solidagininae in the narrow sense) with Ericameria in what has been labelled Solidagininae II (Beck et al. 2004; Brouillet et al. 2009).  Species of Ericamerica have leaves with well developed resin dots forming around sunken large stalked glands).