Doellingeria ledophyllus var. ledophyllus

Cascade Aster

Doellingeria ledophylla (E.L. Greene) Semple, Brouillet & Allen var. ledophylla  is native to Meadows and open coniferous woods from central Washington to southern Oregon (Allen 2006 FNA).  It is the more northern of the two varieties of D. ledophylla. The variety is distinguished by its peduncles that are glandular or not, at least ± woolly or cottony and by it usuallyd 13-21 rays.  The variety has been treated as Aster ledophyllus (A. Gray) A. Gray var. ledophyllus and Eucephalus ledophyllus (A. Gray) E.L. Greene var. ledophyllus. The variety is diploid 2n=18.