Pityopsis graminifolia (Michx.) Small var. latifolia (Fern.) Semple is a  morphologically variable race.  It is widely distributed throughout much of the range of the species and in disjunct locations in Guatemala and adjacent Mexico and Honduras in Central America.  It usually has large basal rosette leaves that range from very narrow (P. nervosa morph) to broad. The variety is mostly tetraploid with 2n=36, but some hexaploid (2n=54) populations occur in northern Alabama and eastern Tennessee.  See Semple (2006 FNA).   The diversity of morphs within the variety is reflected in the multiple names placed in synonymy and in the long history of being placed in multiple genera: Chrysopsis graminifolia (Michaux) Elliott var. latifolia Fernald; C. argentea (Persoon) Elliott; C. correllii Fernald; C. latifolia (Fernald) Small; C. nervosa (Willdenow) Fernald; C. nervosa var. stenolepis Fernald; C. nervosa var. virgata Fernald; Diplopappus sericeus Hooker; Erigeron nervosus Willdenow; Heterotheca correllii (Fernald) H. E. Ahles; H. nervosa (Willdenow) Shinners; Heyfeldera sericea Schultz-Bipontinus; Inula argentea Persoon; Pityopsis argentea (Persoon) Nuttall; P. nervosa (Willdenow) Dress