Grass-leaved Goldenaster

Pityopsis graminifolia (Michx.) Nutt. is the most common and widely distributed species of the genus occurring from Delaware and southern Ohio to Texas and south Florida (Semple 2006 FNA). One variety also occurs in Central America.

Pityopsis graminifolia distribs Fig 9-13 Semple & Bowers 1985

Semple and Bowers (1985) divided the species into five varieties based on leaf and pubescence traits.  Bridges and Orzell (2018) and Nesom (2019) presented  different treatments of the genus recognizing more species.

Varieties with smaller heads:

Pityopsis graminifolia small hd vars Fig 14 Semple & Bowers 1985

Varieties with larger heads:

Pityopsis graminifolia large hd vars Fig 15 Semple & Bowers 1985

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Nesom, G.L. 2019. Taxonomic synopsis of Pityopsis (Asteraceae). Phytoneuron 2019-1: 1–31.

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