Correll's Goldenrod, Guadalupe Mt. Goldenrod

Solidago correllii Semple is the species level name for what was first described as S. wrightii var. guadalupensis Nesom.  Semple (2017) noted the species had narrow petiolate lower stem and rosette leaves and narrow mid and upper stem leaves that were sometimes shiny silvery green.  The heads had a mean of 24 florets which is high in subsect. Thyrsiflorae. Ovaries/fruit bodies were usually sparsely hairy compared to S. wrightii and more hairy than S. petiolaris.  The species occurs in the Guadalupe Mts. of Culberson Co., Texas and adjacent Eddy Co., New Mexico with disjunct populations to the north and south.

Solidago correllii range draft JCS

Semple et al. (2017) included S. correllii in a multivariate study of all 7 species of S. subsect. Thyrsiflorae including S. buckleyi, S. capulinensis, S. orientalis, S. petiolaris, S. spellenbergii, and S. wrightii.

Solidago correllii is diploid 2n=18.