Solidago jejunifolia Steele is native to sandy soils in pine barrens in northern Michigan, Wisconsin and much of Minnesota. It was recently reported to occur in Manitoba (Semple et al. 2012).  The species was treated as a synonym of S. speciosa var. speciosa by Semple & Cook (2006 FNA). Field work and a multivariate study of the S. speciosa complex by the Astereae Lab post FNA indicated that the species should be recognized (Semple et al. 2017).  It produces rosettes of leaves with very long narrow petioles at the time of flowering.   The species is most abundant in northern Michigan, western Wisconsin and Minnesota, but disjunct populations occur in Iowa, northwestern Missouri and southeastern Nebraska (Semple 2017).  The species is diploid 2n=18.

Solidago jejunifolia range Semple draft

Solidago jejunifolia is likely closely related to S. rigidiuscula and S. pallida and less so to S. speciosa.  Semple and Cook (2022) published a cytogeography maps for S. jejunifolia and related species.