Western Showy Goldenrod

Solidago pallida (Porter) Rydb. is native in scattered populations to openings in pine woods and prairie habitats in northern New Mexico and Colorado in the foothills of the Rocky Mts. and in the Black Hills in Wyoming and South Dakota and adjacent Nebraska. It was reported to occur in northwestern Ontario near southern Manitoba (Semple et al. 2012).  I have not seen specimens from North Dakota or northwestern Minnesota yet, but the species may be present in that area. It was treated as S. speciosa ssp. pallida (Porter) Semple by Semple & Cook (2006 FNA).  A multivariate study of the S. speciosa complex by the Astereae Lab post FNA indicated that it should be recognized as a species closely related to S. jejunifolia and S. rigidiuscula (Semple et al. 2017).  It produces basal stem and rosettes of leaves that are present at flowering time; these have broadly winged petioles.  The fruits are usually sparsely strigose.  The species is diploid 2n=18.  Semple and Cook (2022) published a cytogeography maps for S. pallida and related species.

Solidago pallida range Semple draft