Mayan Goldenrod

Solidago maya Semple is native to the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico and the Maya Mountains of eastern Guatemala and central and southwestern Belize (460-2200 m).  It was recently described from a small number of herbarium collections (Semple 2016) and was included in a multivariate study of the Solidago sempervirens complex (Semple et al. 2016) that includes S. azorica, S. maya, S. mexicana, S. paniculata, and S. sempervirens.  Historically, members of the species have been treated as S. stricta sensu authors not Ait., S. mexicana, or as S. sempervirens var. mexicana.  In the multivariate analysis, S. maya was most similar to some individuals of S. virgata and S. mexicana from Florida.  Inflorescence variation in S. maya is like that occurring in S. mexicana, but the stem usually has few smaller upper leaves than S. mexicana.  In Mexico, S. mexicana is restricted to along the coast at or near sea level from Tamaulipas to Tabasco, which is allopatric with the range of S. maya.  Like other species in subsect. Maritimae, S. maya prefers moist soils of slopes, bogs and marshes. 

The range of distribution of Solidago maya is illustrated on the map of ranges of Solidago sempervirens, S. mexicana and S. azorica.

Solidago maya range draft JCS

The chromosome number of the S. maya is unknown.