The Operations Committee of CBB is responsible for planning and executing the activities of CBB and ensures that CBB provides interactions and functions that are useful to CBB members.

Committee members provide an ongoing exchange of information between their academic and research units and CBB, help promote CBB and communicate the Centre's activities to their departments, research groups and other colleagues at the University of Waterloo.

The committee is comprised of regular members of CBB and are appointed for an initial three year term that may be renewed. Student members of CBB are eligible to join the committee for an initial one year term that may be renewed.

Meetings are held once a term and are open to all members of CBB and CBB staff.

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Catherine BurnsCatherine Burns, Chair, Ex-officio

Executive Director, CBB
Systems Design Engineering
Elizabeth MeieringElizabeth Meiering, Ex-officio

Associate Director, CBB

Marc AucoinMarc Aucoin
May 2015-2021, renewed 2018
Chemical Engineering

Kostadinka BizhevaKostadinka Bizheva
Jul 2018-2021
Physics and Astronomy

Jennifer BogerJennifer Boger
​Oct 2017-2020
Assistant Professor, Systems Design Engineering
Melanie CampbellMelanie Campbell
May 2015-2021, renewed 2018
Physics and Astronomy
Helen ChenHelen Chen
Oct 2017-2020
Assistant Research Professor,
School of Public Health and Health Systems
Brian IngallsBrian Ingalls
Oct 2017-2020
​Associate Professor,
Applied Mathematics

James TungJames Tung
Jul 2018 - 2021
Assistant Professor,
Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering

Shirley TangShirley Tang
Oct 2017-2020
Associate Professor,
Alfred YuAlfred Yu
Oct 2017-2020
Associate Professor, 
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Student Members - CBBSAT 2019

Esmat SheydaeianEsmat Sheydaeian
Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering

Joseph Varga
Ph.D. Student
Department of Biology

Nikhil A. GeorgeNikhil A. George
Ph.D. Student
Environmental Microbiology

Kithara ManawaduKithara Manawadu
Biomedical Engineering
Department of Systems Design Engineering