Sunday, June 23, 2019

The department of Systems Design Engineering is pleased to announce that the Biomedical Engineering undergraduate program received a 3-year accreditation, the maximum time for a new engineering program, in June 2019.  This program with a uniquely designed and dedicated biomedical engineering curriculum welcomed its first students in September 2014.  The success of the accreditation reflects the high quality of the program and the efforts and commitment of our department and the departments and school affiliated with the BME program (Electrical and ComputerChemical and Mechanical and Mechatronics, Biology, and the School of Anatomy).

The graduation ceremony of our inaugural BME class (BME 2019) took place a few days after the official CEAB announcement.

BME Class of 2019 

  1. 2020 (2)
    1. May (1)
    2. April (1)
  2. 2019 (2)
    1. June (1)
    2. March (1)
  3. 2018 (4)
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    3. February (2)