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Peer Health Education teams

Health Services supports student-run programs to encourage healthy living and lifestyles. Here are some of those programs:

  • Leave the Pack Behind - Smoking cessation program.
  • Burst Your Bubble - Dedicated to promoting good mental health and wellbeing, and raising awareness on mental health.
  • Healthy Minds - Healthy Minds is run by students that are here to help the university community understand or remember how to better one’s mental health in stressful times that frequently occur throughout the university experience
  • Hook up to Breast Cancer - The Hook Up to Breast Cancer prevention team spreads awareness of breast cancer and prevention strategies among students.
  • Hot and Spicy - Dedicated to promoting sexual health, safer sex, healthy relationships, and so much more. 
  • Mission Nutrition - The Mission Nutrition Team promotes healthy eating, as well as maintaining a healthy active lifestyle among students.
  • Party Smart - The Party Smart team brings awareness of the dangers associated with alcohol, drugs, and partying in any situation, whether is it on campus or off campus to all students. 
  • Rec & Leisure Wellness Team - Rec & Leisure Wellness Team is a group of undergraduate students in Recreation & Leisure Studies that work together to try to help remove stigmatization around mental health.
  • Highway to Health (Health Promotion Students)

Visit LEADS to volunteer for a Peer Health Education team.